Most people would think that fleas are coming from the animals especially dogs and cats. But there could be a lot of kinds and types of fleas all over the world. They have different names and unique structures from one another. Wichita pest control services said that the most common type could be easily eradicated and prevented if you know how to do the things carefully and step by step process. It is a great way to relax and get away from stress to visit a beach or a resort with pool and sea shore inside of it. You could go swimming and spend your entire day lying on the beach sand. But you should be very careful about some of the organisms and crustaceans that are located there. Sand flea is a common type that can be seen and found in most of the beaches. Be careful not to be bitten by this as it causes itchiness to your skin and it gives red spots. Due to this, it may cause some serious infections to your body and it is hard to stop yourself from itching. There are many ways and methods to stop yourself from being worried about this bite. You can do some precautionary measures not to be severe. You may need some medical attention from physician and of course need to take some antibiotics to keep yourself from being worried of the infection. Below could help you to feel better after being bitten.  


  1. Stop yourself from scratching. It would not help to make the part better. We all know that you can’t stop yourself form doing that so better to have a calamine lotion that will help to make the area cool and less itchy. Too much scratching of the infected area would cause wounds and more prone to germs and bacteria. There are some other lotions and cream that can help to soothe the itchy area. If you are not so sure about then you could ask your doctor for some professional advice.  
  2. It is a good alternative as well to mix baking soda to the water. You would just need a cup and put it to a cool temperature of water and mix well. You have to soak yourself there for about 1 to 2 hours. You can do this if you have a bathtub. But if you don’t have then it is ok to make a mixture paste of it. Then apply to the affected area and leave it behind for one hour.  
  3. If you don’t feel like soaking yourself to baking soda. Then a good option that you can have is to mix some oatmeal to your bathtub. Don’t try to use hot or lukewarm water as it may irritate more of your skin.  
  4. There could be some oil that could penetrate the itchiness that you feel. Example of these are citronella oil, the lavender and even the most common one which is the oil from eucalyptus tree.